Writers Contract

Below are the terms and conditions of the contract we make with our writers before we publish articles on Brainstorm. We aim to be transparent and fair with everyone who works with us. Authors always have full rights over their work and can request their work be removed at any time. If you are writing an article for us please read the terms and conditions on this page before filling out the below form.

Terms and Conditions


The author maintains the rights to the article and can request the article be removed at any time. Requests for withdrawal must be made in writing via email and sufficient time must be allowed for the request to be processed and implemented. By agreeing to this form you are agreeing that the article you have written can be published on Brainstorm, where it can be freely shared to social media and accessed for free by anyone. Brainstorm maintains the right to delete articles and any other content from the website at any time without prior permission from the author.


Our writers are not paid. Brainstorm remains a free to access magazine which aims to give early career, beginner science writers a platform to gain experience and exposure. Brainstorm will never charge for access to your content. Brainstorm currently is not monetized but maintains the right to make money through advertising or sale of merchandise on the website.

Manuscript Acceptance

For the manuscript to be accepted and published both the writer and the editor have to agree on the final draft. Please only complete this form when that is the case.

Advertising and Promotion

Brainstorm endeavors to advertise and promote articles posted on the website onto social media. However, Brainstorm cannot guarantee all articles will be advertised or promoted or that articles will be advertised or promoted equally by Brainstorm. The author and anyone else is also free to share any content found on the website.


Sometimes changes need to be made to articles post-publishing. This could be due to mistakes being found or information being updated, i.e. a research article gets updated. If a change is needed to be made the author will be notified and permission obtained before an article will be edited. In the meantime the article may be removed and saved as a draft post until the author gives permission. This is to avoid articles with mistakes or outdated information remaining on the website.

Author Credit and Author Information

You can choose to publish anonymously. This needs to be agreed with your editor before publishing. If you don’t wish to be anonymous then your name and other information which you want publicly shown will be attached to the article on the side and bottom of the page. Other information can include a picture, a short bio, links to a website or social media accounts and an email address.

Any questions about these terms and conditions? See our contact us page for a contact form to fill out and to see our FAQ section.