Dr Craig Davison

Dr Craig Davison has a PhD in Medicine from Queens University Belfast (QUB). Craig has published research investigating novel treatment strategies targeting nucleotide metabolism. Craig is currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow and is passionate about science communication.

Plant-based diet associated with lower severity of Covid-19 symptoms

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A recent study reported that ‘plant-based’ diets had a lower risk of developing moderate-to-severe COVID-19. This large study involved 2884 front-line healthcare workers from six countries. The plant-based group had a much lower percentage (9.8% vs 24.3%) of moderate-severe disease in participants who had Covid-19. Does this mean that we should consider a plant-based diet to protect from Covid-19?

We are heading to Venus. Our nearest neighbor

NASA has approved 2 new missions to investigate our closest planetary neighbor, Venus. These missions, costing ~$500 million each, aim to understand how Venus became such a furnace and the potential Venus once had oceans. This could give insights that are crucial to understanding our own atmosphere and how it could change with global warming.

Planet of the plants

Have you ever imagined what a planet of aliens that survive primarily on photosynthesis would be like? Could an animal get enough energy from photosynthesis to move and evolve intelligence? How did plant cells evolve the ability to photosynthesize? Check out this article to find out.

Drug Repurposing in cancer: the search for new treatments

Cancer researchers said, “a drug productivity crisis emerged in the pharmaceutical research and development area (R&D)” (2) with funding increasing to R&D without an increase in developed new drugs. A potential solution is to repurpose drugs we already have and that we know are safe in humans and use them to treat cancer.

You are so full of…plastic

Did you know many everyday plastics are water soluble? So that plastic you see around you: It's inside you. And it may be affecting your health, especially your reproductive health. Find out how.