About Brainstorm – Science Magazine

Brainstorm is a free online science magazine

Brainstorm is a completely free science magazine. All our stories are free to read and share. There is also no subscription fee. So please explore our content and share/comment/subscribe.

Who are we?

We are scientists and science communicators who set up this magazine to give readers free access to the latest science news and to give aspiring science writers a platform to gain experience and exposure. Our aim is to spread interesting ideas, to challenge perspectives and to open minds.

We want enthusiastic writers

One of the reasons this magazine was started was to give early career scientists who are enthusiastic writers a place to write and share their ideas. Check out our contact us page for more info.

We are free

Aren’t you tired of news being behind a paywall or subscription service? Well so were we. So all our stories are free to read and share with anyone.