6 Easy ways to boost your CV during your PhD

Are you being active during your PhD to boost your CV? There are some simple things that you can do that will make your CV stand out when you graduate. Making you more likely to get the job you want when you finish. Whether that is a post-doc position, industry lab or something else entirely.

Find out my 6 easy ways to boost your CV during your PhD below.

6 easy ways to boost your CV during your PhD
6 easy ways to boost your CV during your PhD

Make a website

Get yourself a website. The reason I put this first is because the website will give you a place to advertise yourself. The advice below will help boost your CV, but making a website will get you exposure. Plus it’s fun learning how to make a website!

I have done a lot of research into the best website builders and hosts. WordPress is great. It takes time to get used to but once you grasp it the possibilities are endless. It gives you way more freedom than many website builders.

WordPress is the website builder but the website needs to be hosted on a server. If you are making a professional website with its own domain name (which I recommend – it isn’t much money per year and looks much more professional) WordPress themselves recommend using Bluehost to host the website.

WordPress with Bluehost link

This is one of the cheapest and best options I have found.

If you don’t have any money to spare, then you can create a free website using WordPress but it will not have a fully customized domain name. You could do this and then later transfer the website across to Bluehost with a new domain name (it isn’t as hard as it seems and there are guides online).

Gains: Website design skills, exposure for you and your CV

6 Easy ways to boost your CV during your PhD

So now you have completed these 6 easy ways to boost your CV during your PhD. Add them to your website! What to have on your website;

  • Information about you – your interests in and out of work
  • A section for your Science Communication – written articles/blogs, presentations, etc.
  • List of your publications
  • A downloadable version of your CV
  • Include other things you have been involved in – e.g. outreach events,


The world is online now. If you are willing to travel for work (or want to work remotely) there is a whole world of opportunity out there. But that means there is also a world of competition. Make yourself stand out. Don’t just do lab work. Implementing a few of these methods will really make you stand out, and give you lots to talk about when you get interviews!!! The main point is, keep your eyes open for opportunities and take them when you see them.

Good luck everyone with your PhDs and future careers. You have so many transferable skills. So sell yourself.

Any advice I haven’t mentioned? Please comment below or on social media.

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